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The future of Linux: Evolving everywhere

Serdar Yegulalp | July 16, 2013
Cemented as a cornerstone of IT, the open source OS presses on in the face of challenges to its ethos and technical prowess

Lastly, and most crucially, there's the question of who will be responsible for ushering Linux into its own future. While Linux can be forked and its development undertaken by others, history's shown that having a single core development team for Linux -- and equally consistent core teams for projects based on it -- is best.

That puts all the more burden on the core team to keep Linux moving forward in ways that complement its existing and future use cases, and not to protect it -- perhaps futilely -- from becoming something it might well be in its best interests to transform into.

If Linux's future really is everywhere, it might well also be in a form that no one now can conceive of -- and that's a good thing.


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