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The five enablers of IT organisational excellence

Lou Markstrom | July 29, 2015
Properly executing your plans is where the real challenge begins, says Lou Markstrom.

4. Customise best practices to your organisation

Why reinvent the wheel when there are time-tested and established approaches to achieving great results every time? Become familiar with the best practices in your area, select the ones which are right for your organisation.

But don't stop there -- take the next step and customise them to your structure, culture, complexity, strategy, goals and business drivers. Select the ones that match the issues and challenges you are trying to solve, not just the ones that are the latest buzz or hype.

But be careful to avoid the pitfalls of best practices such as creating complex or cumbersome processes. Don't turn today's best practice into tomorrow's bureaucracy! Keep asking why and encouraging innovation and creativity.

Executive your plans

This is where the real challenge begins. All the previous work that is done won't amount to anything if we drop the ball at this stage. A common mistake is to completely underestimate what it will to take to reach the goal.

An organisation transformation initiative must be run just as any other project. Have a project manager, teams, plans, reporting mechanisms and measure results. You need structure and you need people who are committed to driving the changes into the organisation's culture.

This is about planning the work, empowering your people, balancing strategy with tactics, capturing KPIs, tracking performance progress, adjusting to changing conditions, and applying learned lessons into future strategy and execution.

The key is results, not activity.


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