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The dope on iTunes Match, Genius playlists, and iOS devices

Christopher Breen | Dec. 6, 2011
Macworld reader (and Editor), Dan Miller vents his spleen in regard to iTunes Match.

When you have an Internet connection and want access to your iTunes Match library, just go to the Music setting and switch on iTunes Match. (To see all of the music on your device—iTunes Match as well as synced music—make sure Show All Music is also enabled.) The Music app will eventually show you the contents of your iTunes Match library, ready to stream and download.

Now here’s a little something that, I hope, makes me eligible for my holiday bonus: You created a few Genius playlists on your Mac and synced them to your iOS device without downloading them from iCloud first (or with them in your iTunes library). With iTunes Match turned off on the device, those playlists are empty. But turn iTunes Match on and the playlists are fully populated with the contents of that Genius playlist you created. They’re no longer Genius playlists but rather standard playlists. Note that each track has a Download icon next to it. You can now download individual tracks by tapping on these icons, or download the entire playlist by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and tapping Download All.

You have a couple of options when you venture out into a world devoid of Internet access. You can leave iTunes Match switched on provided that Show All Music is also enabled. You won’t be able to access your cloud-based music, but you can still play the music you’ve synced and downloaded. Or you can switch iTunes Match off. Do so and your iCloud music will eventually disappear from the device, leaving only your synced and downloaded tracks.


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