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The digital picture frame refuses to die (and here's one that wants to hatch)

Paul Lilly | Feb. 23, 2015
You probably don't care that someone is trying to build a better digital photo frame, but your non tech-savvy grandparents might. That's what prompted a startup called Timewyse to come up with Pigeon, a Wi-Fi enabled digital picture frame that stays updated with fresh photos and videos that you and your family upload to the cloud.

Why this matters: Enter "worst tech gift ideas" into your search engine of choice, and you'll find "digital photo frame" near the top of many of them. They've become the fruitcake of the tech world, but those criticisms typically don't take the gift recipient into account. Tech-savvy folks know all kinds of ways to share and display their favorite photos. Pigeon isn't aimed at us; it's targeting those of our relatives who don't have the same grasp on technology. Like the GrandPad tablet for seniors that we told you about earlier, Pigeon might be a better alternative to teaching someone how to use email, download files, and edit photos.

At the same time, Timewyse must be conscious of privacy and security concerns. We recently wrote about a cybersecurity report on connected homes being easy targets for hackers, and something like this could be yet another device to exploit. An ornery hacker could infiltrate Pigeon's infrastructure and push inappropriate photos and videos to Nana's frame. If someone isn't already handling it, a tech-savvy (and hopefully local) family member should volunteer to periodically insure that Nana's router has up-to-date firmware and secure passwords.


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