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The changing fortunes of Net neutrality

Deke Kassabian | May 2, 2014
Network neutrality is a term coined more than a decade ago by Columbia Law professor Tim Wu, and describes an equal-treatment approach to Internet traffic handling. In 2010, I wrote in Network World about the Net neutrality conversation then in progress. Now, during the first few months of 2014, a few interesting things have developed and Net neutrality may be a useful lens through which to consider them.

With such concerns mounting...

The FCC gets to make the next move

Many have expressed concern that Net Neutrality protections are being dismantled, but FCC Chairman Wheeler has indicated that this is not the case and promises to say more on May 15. Based on Chairman Wheeler's recent statements, possibilities range from re-asserting some version of the Open Internet Order, to challenging laws in 20 states banning home broadband competition from municipal broadband services (a move that could bring much needed competition exactly where it is needed), to a more detailed description of permissible commercial arrangements for traffic prioritization.

Interested parties can participate by submitting their comments on proceedings of the FCC, including "Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet" and related upcoming matters.


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