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The best tower defense games on Android

Cassandra Khaw | April 16, 2013
Build those towers and stop those creeps where they stand! These tower defense games are sure to please your inner strategist.

Along the way, you have to take down alien towers, make the best of what limited resources you have, and keep your commander alive. While the voice acting could certainly be better, Anomaly: Warzone Earth is one of the most gorgeous, well-made tower defense games to have ever made an appearance in the Google Play store.

Price: $4

Jelly Defense

Jelly Defense is proof that, sometimes, good looks are all you need. Though it neither innovates nor improves on the tower defense formula, Jelly Defense is a glorious feast for the eyes. Unlike Anomaly: Warzone Earth, however, Jelly Defense isn't the sort of game that is used to benchmark new game engines. It's a battlefield brought to life from the imagination of a gummy-loving child--with towers and enemies that wouldn't look out of place in a Saturday morning cartoon. That said, Jelly Defense is still a challenging game that's well worth the price of admission. Get this one, because you should have a reason to smile on even the dullest days.

Price: $3

Myth Defense: Light Forces

Not a big fan of jelly? Can't abide yet another futuristic spectacle? In desperate need of giant spiders and orcs with high hit points? Myth Defense: Light Forces is the tower defense game you've been looking for. Myth Defense: Light Forces is a cruel and frequently overwhelming entry that will laugh at your misery as it tests your endurance and your cunning. Where most games will throw 20 or so waves of enemies at you before allowing you to progress to the next stage, Myth Defense: Light Forces demands that you contend with a minimum of 70 orc-bearing waves before you're allowed to progress.

To make matters even more complicated, the game also makes it your responsibility to build the paths the enemies will take. Of course, airborne enemies will just flit happily over whatever barriers you erect, but that's just one of your many problems. There are runes to collect, a basic but satisfying technology tree to work through, a ridiculous number of enemies to contend with, and no tutorial whatsoever. Good luck. You'll need it.

Price: $3.95

Radiant Defense

Dressed up in glowing neon colors and filled with silly, zany dialogue, Radiant Defense can easily be dismissed as just a light-hearted romp. It isn't. Like so many good examples of the genre, Radiant Defense can be a soul-crushing affair--so much so that it gives you an auto-save between every wave. This brightly lit, brutal tower defense title will have you rearranging the mazes you create at almost every interval. Failure to correctly account for the enemies within a wave can be horribly embarrassing and tear-inducing should your carelessness result in an ignominious end.


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