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The best tower defense games on Android

Cassandra Khaw | April 16, 2013
Build those towers and stop those creeps where they stand! These tower defense games are sure to please your inner strategist.

Tower defense games are what many in the industry would call an acquired taste. At the most basic level, they operate on the same concept: The gamer has a central point to defend, a bunch of turrets to construct, and waves upon waves of enemies to defeat. Though often criticized as repetitive and overtly brutal, fans of the genre know that tower defense games are an addictive, soul-sucking diversion. Whether you're a stoic fan or you're just curious, read on through our round-up of some of the most interesting tower defense games in the Google Play store today.

Tower Defense: Lost Earth

What better way to start this collection of tower defense titles than with one named after the genre itself? Tower Defense: Lost Earth plops you down in a futuristic space setting, and you're charged with defending against an unending hoard of ghoulish aliens. The game doesn't aim to redefine the genre--it's just here to deliver what fans want: a masochistic game characterized by its nine different types of towers, ten kinds of aliens, and the occasional resource-gathering. If you don't want novelty with your tower defense, this game will keep you busy with its panoply of decently balanced game modes and challenge stages.

Price: Free

Plants vs. Zombies

One of the more unusual and iconic tower defense games, Plants vs. Zombies replaces traditional turrets and weapons with zombie-hating vegetation. The bright and colorful game has you using plants to prevent attacking zombies from reaching your home. Bizarre as all that may sound, the whole idea actually works swimmingly. It's a little silly, a little simple--and an excellent download for both seasoned veterans and those new to the genre entirely.

Price: $1

Fieldrunners HD

With fans still anxiously anticipating the arrival of Fieldrunners 2 in the Google Play store, now is an excellent time to get yourself up to speed by checking out the original Fieldrunners. Unlike many other tower defense games, Subatomic Studios' Fieldrunners requires you to do more than intelligently position and upgrade your towers. Here, you must sculpt a maze to impede your opponents' passage. Of course, you could also just construct towers willy-nilly in a bid to gun down the enemy as quickly possible. It's up to you. We recommend the former, however. In fact, the game is probably best when you've settled into a habit of constructing projectile-spitting labyrinths. If you're curious, there are only four towers to work with here, a limitation that somehow doesn't undercut Fieldrunner's appeal.

Price: $3

Anomaly: Warzone Earth

11bit Studios' Anomaly: Warzone Earth is probably the prettiest entry in our roundup. Of course, you could question whether it actually belongs here. In Anomaly: Warzone Earth, you won't be building towers to impede enemy movement--you'll be taking on the towers instead. It's a tower offense game that tells the tale of planet Earth after she's been invaded by aliens. Naturally, your task is to reclaim the land from enemy forces. To do so, you must direct a panoply of units through ruined streets in an attempt to reach one objective or another.


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