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The best to-do apps on Android

Evan Dashevsky | May 3, 2013
Modern life is all about doing things. Constantly. Between family, friends, work, pets, and fantasy hockey leagues, something always needs doing. And just when you think you've got all those things done--bam!--it's two in the morning and you wake up in a panic over all those other things you forgot about.

Who this is for: The beautifully designed standard version is right for just about everyone. If you are looking for a basic, minimalist organizer, Wunderlist can be that, but it also has other well-integrated functions for those who need something more robust.

Tasks ($1)

Gmail's Tasks function is probably the dinkiest of Google's offerings. But for people who spend a lot of time with their Gmail window open, it's kind of useful. Tasks is little more than a checklist in the corner of your Gmail window where you can write basic notes and create a basic checklists. You can even create new tasks directly from Google Calendar (though, inexplicably, not the other way around). While Tasks occupies some very valuable real estate in the tech world, Google hasn't invested much in it. Fortunately, for those who have come to depend on Tasks as an organizational tool, a non-Google team has glommed on the Gmail API to create an actually useful Web app.

With the Tasks app, you can sync your tasks across different Gmail accounts and access the tasks in one place. So, you can add or check off Gmail tasks for both your work and your home accounts or create additional lists directly from your phone that are available from any account. The app even offers a Chrome extension that brings your tasks into any open window.

Who this is for: People who are already highly dependent on Gmail Tasks.

Keeping up with email, social media, and multiple gadgets can be a lot of work. All these technologies that are meant to simplify life often have the opposite effect. I know that trying to keep multiple things in order using just your noggin cause a lot of anxiety. Fortunately, I also know that listing all the things you have to do and checking them off one by one can suddenly make the chaotic universe a not-so-bad place to be.


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