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The best to-do apps on Android

Evan Dashevsky | May 3, 2013
Modern life is all about doing things. Constantly. Between family, friends, work, pets, and fantasy hockey leagues, something always needs doing. And just when you think you've got all those things done--bam!--it's two in the morning and you wake up in a panic over all those other things you forgot about.

The free version of Astrid allows you to stay organized across your devices and the site's Web platform. This basic free system will be good for most individuals and families who want to keep tasks organized. A premium version of Astrid is available for large organizations at a cost of $5 a month or $50 a year. The premium version offers additional features like cloud storage of PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office documents.

Who this is for: People who want to collaborate with others on multiple projects across several screens.

Any.Do (Free)

Any.Do is a silky-smooth to-do list that nags you in just the right way. The app's attractive interface lets you easily move tasks in and around various lists and cross them off with a swipe of the finger.

The mobile app comes equipped with an innovative day planner that automatically pops up at the beginning of your day. It presents you with all your open tasks, one by one, and gives you the opportunity to cancel them or push them back to deal with at a later time.

While the service has yet to unveil a Web version (its maker promises that one is coming), it has a Chrome extension that functions as one for all intents and purposes (though in my experience with it, the Chrome extension deauthorized often, requiring me to log back in with a password).

Additionally, Any.Do has a Gmail extension with a pull-down menu that lets you turn any Gmail message into a task. It also throws an Any.Do field into the bottom of any email. So, if you get a message from Gary that you don't want to reply to just now, you can create a task to 'follow up with Gary' and set it for tomorrow, and it will instantly be added to the app. Boom.

Who this is for: Individuals who need to be nudged about tasks that they allow to linger in their to-do lists. Also for Gmail users, who will find it useful for creating tasks from emails.

Wunderlist (Basic, Free; premium, $5/month, $50/year)

One of the prettiest to-do lists you will come across, Wunderlist has just about everything you could want in a to-do app. You can create multiple lists with subtasks, notes, and calendar reminders. Wunderlist is also good for collaborating with other Wunderlist users.

Like Astrid, Wunderlist also offers a premium version with additional functionality. The standard version will be sufficient for most individuals and families, but the Pro version may be appeal to businesses by providing such collaboration tools as the ability to assign tasks (the ability to attach files to tasks is coming soon, the company says).


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