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The best PC laptops of the year

Gordon Mah Ung | Dec. 12, 2014
So let's get on with the best laptops of 2014. Agree? Disagree? Why no Macs? Let us know.

Best Convertible: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
Price as reviewed: $1,300

lenovo yoga 3
GORDON MAH UNG. The Yoga 3 Pro is an impressive update to the previous generation model.

Is it a laptop, a hybrid, or a convertible? Whatever it is, it's thin. In fact, Lenovo says it's the thinnest notebook around. But what's especially cool is the Core M processor, which uses Intel's new Broadwell architecture. The machine isn't universally faster than, say, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, but when you consider that the Yoga 3 Pro nearly matches that Surface (or is slightly faster) in some tasks while using about a third of the power, that's a win.

It also doesn't hurt that the Yoga 3 Pro features a gorgeous 3800x1200 IPS touch panel that can be folded completely flat or flipped all the way around, striking as many poses as a voguing nightclub dancer.

Best non-Laptop that is still a laptop: Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Price as reviewed: $1,300

surface pro 3
Haters gonna hate, but the Surface Pro 3 has earned its place on this list.

It's been said that it takes Microsoft at least three iterations to get things right. That saying holds true with the Surface Pro 3, which finally got it right. Sure, it's not everyone's cup of tea but many who have given the Surface Pro 3 a legitimate chance to win them over have been won over.

It doesn't hurt that Microsoft sweetens the offer with an n-trig pen, a highly rated 2160x1440 panel and tablet-like weight, either. 

Will Microsoft continue its Surface initiative? No one really knows, but even if it does abandon Surface as it pivots again, we can at least credit the company for kickstarting the latest wave of hybrid laptops.


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