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The best gaming PCs and hardware of 2014

Gordon Mah Ung | Dec. 22, 2014
I can still remember the winter of 2008: It was dark times for PC gaming, and talk in the industry made it seemed as though the end was nigh. Today, I'd laugh with the lust of a Viking as I smashed insignificant hardware under my axe.

The Alpha is first a tremendous deal for someone looking to dip a toe into glorious PC gaming. It's got enough grunt to play games at 1080p medium or high (which is still better than most console games in visual quality) and it pulls double-duty as a nifty little HTPC. Add a Logitech K400 or K800 keyboard, and you just promoted your HDTV from so-called 'smart' to an Ivy League valedictorian. Let's also remember that Alienware is the company that jump-started the whole microtower phenomenon a few years ago with its Alienware X51, and now multiple vendors are playing there.


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