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The 2016 Chevy Volt has it all: 53 EV miles for green cred, a sleek redesign for street cred

Melissa Riofrio | Nov. 9, 2015
No other plug-in hybrid can touch the Volt's EV range. The next step is to look and feel normal enough to attract more buyers.

Will it plug in Peoria? 

2016 chevrolet volt chargeport 
The 2016 Chevrolet Volt’s charge port is on the front driver’s side. Just push on the door to open. Credit: Melissa Riofrio

Here’s the tougher trick: Get more normal people into the Volt—people who couldn’t see themselves in the quirky-looking Toyota Prius, let alone a Nissan Leaf. For this audience, the 2016 Volt’s clever disguise as a compact sedan should make people feel more comfortable with going green. Where the original Volt design was chunky, the 2016 model is gently curved. There’s a little more passenger space inside, and the fit and finish don’t look like a plasticky ploy to save weight.

The Volt is still going to cost more than a regular Chevrolet car, with a $33,170 starting MSRP. You’d need to get the full $7,500 federal rebate to bring it in line with Chevy’s next-most expensive passenger car, the bigger and more powerful Impala. We know the nerds will pay—the Volt is already the best-selling Chevrolet car in the tech-saturated San Francisco Bay Area. We don’t know what the newcomers will think, but the Volt is the strongest blend so far of green sensibilities and mainstream tastes. 

2016 chevrolet volt interior dashboard 
Chevrolet designed the 2016 Volt to look sleeker and fancier than its predecessor. Credit: Chevrolet


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