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Tested: DirectX 12's potential performance leap is insane

Gordon Mah Ung | March 27, 2015
We already know DirectX 12 will drastically improve game performance when Windows 10 ships later this year, but just how much of a "free" boost you'll get isn't exactly known.

But back in reality

Before you look at the results from these tests and assume you're going to see a frickin' 10x free performance boost from DX12 games later this year, zing, zam, zow! You won't. So ease off the hype engine. 

What's realistic? I'd expect anywhere from Microsoft's claims of 50-percent improvement all the way to the what we're seeing here in Futuremark's test. This will depend very much on the kind of game and the coding behind it.

The reality is this test is a theoretical test, although one made with advice from Microsoft and the GPU vendors. This test reveals the potential, but translating that potential into an actual game isn't quite as easy. 

We won't know for sure until actual DirectX-12-enabled games ship. Microsoft estimates that will be the end of this year. 


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