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Tesla Model X autonomously crashes into building, owner claims

Lucas Mearian | June 7, 2016
Autopilot was not activated in the car.

Like the Model S sedan, the Model X has Tesla’s "Autopilot" feature that allows it to perform some advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) functions, such as automatic lane-keeping, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking. The vehicle can also change lanes automatically once the turn signal is turned on.

If the Model X accident turns out to have been caused by a faulty autonomous vehicle system, it would not be the first reported by a Tesla owner.

Last month, a Model S owner from Utah reported that his sedan started itself and rammed into the back of a trailer bed after he'd placed the vehicle in park and gone into a store to run an errand.

Tesla Model X crash
Puzant Ozbag Puzant Ozbag's Model X on the tow truck after the accident.

The Model S's owner, Jared Overton, said he'd even stopped outside the vehicle to talk to someone for a few moments before going into the store. Five minutes later, Overton said he emerged from the store to find his Model S's front end under the rear of the trailer. The windshield was smashed during the crash, Overton told KSL News.

Tesla said it reviewed Overton's Model S data logs and stated that the accident was the result of the vehicle's "Summon" feature being activated right after Overton exited the car. The Summon feature automatically parks a vehicle once a driver exits it and it can also bring the car from the garage to your front door when you want it.

Overton refuted Tesla's findings and said he had placed the car in park and had not initiated the self-parking feature.

Puzant said he's still waiting on Tesla to get back to him about how they'll be handling the repairs to the vehicle, but he wants a new car considering that his was only five days old. He called on the company to investigate whether it's a systemic problem.

"This is a major problem and Tesla should stop deliveries and investigate the cause of this serious accident," Puzant said.

 A spokesperson for the Irvine Police Department said the crash at the 4800 block of Irvine Boulevard occurred around 1:50 p.m. and damaged an elevator shaft. The spokesperson also said the cause of the accident is under investigation.


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