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Ten more years: What the future holds for iTunes Store

Christopher Breen | April 29, 2013
Over the course of its ten-year existence, the iTunes Store has evolved even as it has stood stock-still. Starting out as an online store that sold protected digital audio files, it expanded to include sales (and, in some cases, rentals) of movies, TV shows, apps, and books (both audio and electronic). Where it remains unbudged, though, is in its central mission: Sell, sell, and sell some more. Whether the purpose of its selling is to feed the hardware that Apple makes or to turn a profit on the media itself, the iTunes Store differs very little at its heart from the large "music, movies, books 'n' things" emporiums of old.

Now and into the future

The iTunes Store has been a remarkable achievement. Per Apple's goal, it has helped make iOS devices the most popular portable media players on the planet, reinvigorated the music business, and shown that digital media can be sold in an attractive and easy-to-use way. But the world is changing. It will be exciting to see how Apple accommodates those changes in the coming years.


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