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Tempo looks to take on iOS's Calendar app with latest update

Philip Michaels | July 12, 2013
Tempo uses artificial intelligence to add relevant information to your scheduled meetings and events. A Thursday update to the iPhone update promises even more functionality aimed at business users.

It's a welcome set of enhancements that should improve upon an already solid calendaring app. That said, Tempo isn't without some quirks. In my admittedly limited time with the app, I found the suggested location feature to be more confusing than helpful. For my daughter's weekly swim lesson, for example, Tempo suggested that we meet at a restaurant with a name similar to the athletic club where my kid learns to paddle and kick. This is, of course, just a suggested location and indicative of Tempo's stated mission as a way for primarily managing business meetings. Even so, the suggested location for a check-in meeting with my boss, whose office is less than a dozen steps from my desk, was a restaurant 27 minutes away by car. Using Tempo more will fix a lot of this, of course, as the app uses its artificial intelligence to learn more about me and my preferences. Also, in its initial releases, Singh says, Tempo has shied away from explicit learning in which users train the app, as that often proves to be a turn-off to adapting new technologies. That said, the ability to edit locations may find its way into a future version of the app.

Still, Tempo offers a promising calendaring tool, particularly for business users unimpressed by the lackluster Calendar app that Apple includes on the iPhone. The additions delivered in version 1.0.8 provide even more reason to give Tempo a shot.

Tempo is available for iPhone users in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to eventually expand to other countries. The app requires iOS 5.0 or later.


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