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T-Mobile ups the ante for business wireless with custom support, flat-rate data

Bill Snyder | March 20, 2015
Small businesses generally don't get customized service from large wireless providers. It's simply not profitable. T-Mobile, however, says it's going to change that. On March 22, when T-Mobile's latest wireless plans for businesses go live, all of its business customers will get their own support team.

T-Mobile offers flat calling rates for business: $16 a line for 10 to 19 lines; $15 for 20 to 1,000 lines; and $10 a line for more than 1,000 accounts.

Its data offerings are a bit more complicated. Each line comes with 1GB of high-speed data, and customers get an additional 2GB for $10 more. Unlimited data costs $30 per line. Rather than offer "buckets" of shared data, T-Mobile will offer a "pool."

The difference between the two is more than just semantics. Typically, if a business or consumer customer shares 20GB of data across two or more devices, they pay a flat rate — but if the customer exceeds the allocation, they're hit with a fairly stiff overage fee. Under T-Mobile's plan, business customers who agree to pay for 100GB of data across devices are billed $475 per month, or $4.75 a GB. If they use all of that data, the customer still pays $4.75 for each additional GB — there is no penalty or overage fee. If a customer agrees to pay for 500 GB a month, the charge per GB drops to $4.50, and the cost decreases by another 25 cents per GB, to $4.25, if the customer purchases a TB of data per month.

T-Mobile is also offering a free domain and website hosting through GoDaddy, as well as custom .com e-mail addresses powered by Microsoft Office 365 for businesses that pay for additional data.

T-Mobile made a lot of promises this week. If it keeps them, others carriers will likely follow suit and the business market will become more competitive.


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