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Switches for the Spline

Ike Suarez | Nov. 29, 2013
Arista releases its 7300 and 7250 series

Arista  Networks Inc . has introduced its latest lines of software induced  switches, the Arista 7300 and Arista 7250 with both  lines optimized for universal cloud and data center deployments.

A press statement by the Santa Clara-based vendor of cloud solutions announced the release, saying also  that the two lines of switches  would deploy well in Arista's new architectural design for networks, the spline network.


The spline network is a single-tier network whose design is the result of having collapsed Arista's two-tier leaf and spine networks into a single-tier network.

The two-tier network designs are based around Arista's 7500 and 7 x 50 series of switches.

The new deployment  design "can simplify cabling, consolidate servers, migrate between virtual to physical networks and control IP storage as well as big data and business applications," according to the statement.

It added this would result in lowering by 40% operating and capital costs.

At  the same time, the spline would enable up to 2000 hosts in one cluster.

The statement said key features of the 7300 X and 7250 X series are the following:

  • Unified Forwarding Table
  • New Duplex Fiber 40GbE Optics
  • Network Telemetry
  • Physical-Virtual-Cloud Network

Founded in 2004, Arista network focuses on solutions for large data centers and computing  environments, the solutions being software defined for cloud networks.

Core of its platforms is its EOS, a network operating system that allows for third party development.



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