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Supercharge your PC with a RAM disk

Brad Chacos | Aug. 21, 2012
If you've ever wished that you could emulate the performance of a solid-state drive without installing a new piece of hardware, consider creating a new virtual hard drive on your PC that runs purely from RAM, also known as a RAM disk. Setting one up is a little tricky, but the performance benefits (if your system has enough RAM) are worth the effort.

A Cache folder containing Firefox's temporary files will appear in your RAM disk.

Chrome: Since Chrome won't let you change the location of temporary Internet files, you'll have to change the way Windows handles the program. It's not as difficult as it sounds.

Right-click Chrome in the Start menu, and select Properties. In the Target: box, you'll see Chrome's file path, which ends in 'chrome.exe'. Place your cursor at the end of the path, press your keyboard's spacebar oncethat's importantand then paste or type the following text:

--user-data-dir="your folder path"

Replace "your folder path" with the path to a cache folder on your RAM disk, but leave the quotation marks intact. Here's an example of how the full Target box should look afterward:

C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --user-data-dir="R:\ChromeCache"

Your Turn

What do you use your RAM disk for? Spread the knowledge by sharing your tips and tricks in the comments.


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