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Studio Output takes artwork out of the gallery with the aid of Google Street View

Johann Chan | April 30, 2013
Studio Output unveils their new R&D project the Cartograph at the Pick Me Up exhibition in London

"The mayor challenge was getting it all to work combined in the actual exhibition environment - loading huge assets, 3D WebGL, Maps technology, websockets and touch events had to work all at once.

"We're using Openlayers for the map implementation but pulling Google Maps styled tiles for actual map display - this workaround was necessary because the Google api itself breaks with touch events, which was necessary for the installation.

"We're monitoring the live installation remotely via to make sure we can quickly solve any performance issues."

DA: This feels like the beginning of something new. What are some of the more interesting avenues you wish to take this?

RM: "Initially our thinking was around different cities and how the 'art tour' could transfer out to them. Since then we've been looking at how more complex 3D could work within it - be that architectural models or more advanced modelling and animation. We'd also like to work on something around user-generated content - maybe from SketchUp."


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