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Struck gold: Comparing two Apple Watch Edition try-on experiences

Caitlin McGarry, Leah Yamshon | April 16, 2015
The Apple Watch Edition try-on appointment is just like a regular Watch/Watch Sport appointment, but with more moolah strapped to your wrist.

Caitlin: I might have gone into deep, everlasting credit card debt for a glimpse of Gringotts. 

Leah: 100 percent worth it. A glimpse of Gringotts is worth more than the Edition in my heart.

How the demos stack up 

Caitlin: Based on my two appointments, it's clear that your Watch try-on will depend entirely on your associate and how knowledgeable he or she is. After I tried on the Watch Sport and stainless steel Watch last Friday, I was so pumped about the 38mm aluminum Watch Sport with white band heading my way. The associate I worked with explained all of the features in detail, even though he didn't have a Watch of his own to try out. The Edition associates are supposed to be experts, but I felt like I guided my own Edition demo.

Leah: I also had a regular appointment to try on the Watch Sport and stainless steel Watch on Friday, about 2 hours before my Edition appointment. However, I was there with our camera crew in tow, so that appointment was more about getting the best video footage. The associate I worked with was great, and I did get to ask him some questions, but we didn't have much time to chat and I felt a little rushed.

My Edition appointment was the exact opposite: It was just me and a different associate, and he was really enthusiastic about the Watch. He asked me right off the bat if I had a chance to look at any of the styles and sizes or if I wanted him to go through the best combinations (to which I quickly replied: "38mm, rose gold, rose gray Modern Buckle, let's do this.").

While we waited, he guided me through the display watch (which is just like the ones found at the Watch/Watch Sport demo stations--a mounted Watch connected to an iPad that displays more info as you navigate through the Watch's functions) and answered every question I threw at him: He told me all about the gold-making process, the weight differences between the Watch, Sport, and Editon, what each of the buttons do, more about its Taptic Engine, and what some of his favorite Watch features were. He knew what was up, and really tailored the appointment to my interests. He also asked me what features I was most excited about and what I wanted to use the Watch for, so he could specifically guide me through those features. It was awesome. 

Caitlin: That sounds exactly like my Watch Sport/steel Watch demo! Apple should standardize appointment procedures so everyone gets exactly the kind of customer service you detailed, no matter which Apple Watch they plan to buy. The only reason Editions necessitate separate appointments is because of the high level of security those gorgeous gold things require. 


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