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Stocard brings loyalty cards to Android Wear, but misses the location mark

Jared Newman | Feb. 11, 2015
Why keep your loyalty cards on a keychain when you could have them on your wrist instead? Probably because the old-school way is still less stressful.

Here's the thing about storing loyalty cards on your smartwatch: In theory, they're supposed to save you time and effort while impressing everyone around you. But if the transaction isn't flawless, you risk holding up the line and looking like a fool as you dig around for your piece of plastic. The technology's too new for anyone to understand your foibles.

JARED NEWMAN. The line of people behind you will not be impressed if you don't deftly navigate Android Wear's menus.

Without a location-based prompt, opening your loyalty card becomes just a little trickier, requiring more precise motor skills as you navigate through the app launcher and cycle through the list of cards. And because Stocard doesn't keep your screen awake once the bar code is open, you're under pressure to execute immediately after you step up to the checkout counter. I don't find it worth the stress.

I'm encouraged, at least, that Stocard is tackling smartphone loyalty cards in the first place. With refinements, it could be the wrist-worn keychain we've all been waiting for. But it's currently too much of a highwire act, with any misstep resulting in a crushing display of nerdwatch failure.


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