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Steam hits 1,000 Linux games days after Valve's big Steam Machine reveal

Chris Hoffman | March 17, 2015
Steam's love affair with Linux continues, and the infatuation is paying off in spades for Linux gamers.

If Steam Machines can keep the momentum up, they could have a serious shot of taking on consoles. It's not just about Linux vs. Windows--it's about PCs vs. PlayStation.

As today's next-gen consoles become older and older, Steam Machines will offer more powerful hardware for less money every year. With the same games releasing on both SteamOS and consoles, Steam Machines will be the place to be for the best graphical quality and performance in the living room. And Steam Machines also make it easy to play games with your friends who game on PCs, and play the same games on your PC or in your living room--no tricks like Microsoft's one-way Xbox streaming to Windows 10 PCs.

Now Valve just has to ship all those Steam Machines they announced. They're not scheduled to launch until November, 2015, so we have quite a wait left to go. But all those rumors about SteamOS's imminent demise look exaggerated, and it's good to see SteamOS--and Linux gaming in general--showing some life again.


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