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South Korea and Hong Kong beat Singapore in smartphone penetration: Ericsson

Zafar Anjum | June 18, 2013
Hong Kong is No.1 in the world in tablet penetration

"If we look at comparable data for other countries, we can say that Singaporeans tend to make smarter use of their smartphones - respondents surveyed said they used their smartphone for apps, to send and receive instant messages, view video clips, and keep up with friends in their social networks," Afrizal Abdul Rahim, Ericsson ConsumerLab head for Southeast Asia and Oceania, told media in Singapore on Monday (17 June). 

The top three reasons for downloading apps among Singaporeans are to perform specific tasks/ functions, to keep in touch with people more easily and to access content on-the-go. "Based on this, we can conclude that Singaporeans are favouring utility, communication and content based-apps," he said.

"Based on the data that we gathered from the networks that we manage around the world, we now forecast an even stronger uptake of smartphones. Smartphone subscriptions in 2018 are now forecast to reach 4.5 billion, compared to our previous (Nov 2012) forecast of 3.3 billion in 2018. This is not least due to a notable increase in the number of smartphone subscriptions in APAC and MEA regions, as subscribers switch their basic phone subscriptions into smartphone subscriptions," Afrizal explained.

Singaporeans' growing interest in apps, social media, video and instant messaging is also in line with the Mobility Report's findings that mobile data traffic continued to double from last year. "Video will be around 50 percent of mobile traffic in 2018, according to our estimates," Afrizal said.

According to the Mobility Report, a smartphone user is expected to more than quadruple mobile monthly data consumption by 2018 compared to today, and will reach an average of 2GB data per user in 2018.  

"We expect that Singapore mobile subscribers will indeed increase their mobile monthly data consumption, as its citizens are considered early adopters and innovators when it comes to technology," Afrizal said. "It's already apparent in the data that we have gathered. Today, as we have seen, Singapore app usage is ahead compared with its neighbours in Southeast Asia and even in Oceania."


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