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Sourcefire refreshes FirePOWER range

Madura McCormack | Nov. 19, 2012
Advanced malware protection and updated appliances among additions to security product

Cyber security company Sourcefire announced on 16 November an update to its FirePOWER family of products.

Among the claimed improvements, Sourcefire added advanced malware protection which will track file movement and identify attack targets for focused remediation.

The company's big data analytics will deliver continuous file analysis and retrospective alerting in order for users to be notified of malicious files that had been previously deemed safe, according to the statement.

"In a targeted malware advance persistent threat environment, no one can say for sure that this is the first time I've seen this file and it's bad. Most of the time, you'll say this looks fine to me, it looks neutral. But two weeks later you realise it's a bad file," said regional director for security engineering at Sourcefire Henry Ong in relation to the added function.

Be aware of what accesses your network

Another update includes enhanced awareness and threat protection. This includes detection and control of all file types, protocols and directions as well as updated dashboards, among others.

"Before we can do a decent job to protect the network, we need the ability to see what is running within your environment," Ong added.

FirePOWER appliance line was also enhanced with three new models released, bringing the performance range, according to Sourcefire, from 50 Mbps to 40+Gbps.

Sourcefire reminds users that the landscape of security is ever changing, and that the rise of BYOD means increased risk of devices intermittently leaving the network and exposing themselves

"IT security is an ongoing battle; there will always be a new way to exploit the system. Threats will continue to evolve and so will security," Ong concluded.




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