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Sorry, Tidal: Why I'm waiting for Apple to revolutionize streaming

Caitlin McGarry | April 6, 2015
Tidal's selling points aren't cutting it compared to Spotify. Apple could do more with Beats Music.

Apple revolutionized music with iTunes and still has clout with the record labels that determine where music is streamed (and for how much). If Iovine and Co. manage to lure artists--perhaps by promising them a coveted spot in the featured section of both iTunes and the revamped Beats Music service--then Tidal doesn't stand a chance, no matter how optimistic Jay is.

Tidal's other selling point is lossless audio, for which it charges a premium of $20 a month. Not only is this high-quality sound not worth the extra money, as my colleague Michael Brown detailed on Tuesday, but most listeners don't care enough about audio quality to pony up the extra cash. 

I haven't written off Tidal just yet. The service has time to get much, much better. But if those improvements don't happen before my 30-day free trial is up, I'll stick with Spotify for its extensive library, discovery features, and easy-to-use app--at least until we see what Apple has in store for the long-awaited Beats overhaul.


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