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Sony’s Xperia Z takes a dunking

John Davidson | Feb. 27, 2013
There is one simple thing you need to know about the Xperia Z. It works under water, to a depth of 1 metre.

Sony’s Xperia Z takes a dunking

Photo: Sony’s Xperia Z works under water, to a depth of 1 metre.


There is one simple thing you need to know about the Xperia Z. It works under water, to a depth of 1 metre.

The rest of this week's review I will fill with stuff that is nice to know, but which you don't need to know, not like you need to know that it works under water.

Stuff like, the Xperia Z is a smartphone. Frankly, that's only a secondary consideration. If it works under water, I want it. It could be the most useless item imaginable - it could be a Slanket (sleeved blanket), for instance - and if it worked under water, I would still want it.

Mmmm. An underwater Slanket. Oh I really do want one of those!

See the power of the underwater?

Or stuff like, the Xperia Z runs the almost-latest version of Android, and by the time it's released a few weeks from now it will have an update available to take it to the very latest version of Android, 4.2.2.

Well yes, yes, practically everything runs Android nowadays. Big whoop. But an Android machine that can run under water? Now I must have one of those.

Witness. The underwater is a powerful thing.

Still, the combined facts of the Sony Xperia Z being an (a) modern, Android (b) smartphone that (c) works under water does make for a useful synergy. If you were standing on the edge of a pool, at risk of being pushed in, what thing are you most likely to have with you that could be ruined if you actually were pushed in? If you were out jogging and covered in perspiration, what thing would you most likely have with you that could malfunction if your perspiration descended into a full-blown flop sweat?

A Slanket? No, a smart phone. I can't think of a single everyday item that needs to work under water more than a smartphone, even for people who have no intention of ever actually going under water.

So here's another nice thing to know about the Xperia Z, especially for those of you who can talk under water: though it can easily survive a plunge into a pool, the ocean or, in the case of our tests, my bathtub, you can't actually operate it under water. The capacitive touch screen can't detect your fingers when the screen is submerged. It's a law of physics, or chemistry, or something.

If someone calls you while you're under water, the Xperia Z will ring and you'll be able to hear it ring (especially if you have the phone set to vibrate as well), but you won't be able to touch the screen to answer the call, much less gurgle out a response.


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