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Sky Guide for Apple Watch brings space to your wrist

Glenn Fleishman | April 27, 2015
Every 90 minutes and some change, the International Space Station (ISS) completes a circuit of the Earth. Two Seattle developers want you to remember the wonder of humanity's continuous presence in space for nearly 15 years, and raise your wrist and wave digitally.

What they're clearly most proud of, however, is connecting Watch users with the ISS. Risinger said, "A lot of people don't know that there are people in space." The ISS notification gives a Watch and iOS user advance warning, and the Watch app provides a rough picture of the sky, compass points, and a map fragment with a direction icon so you can orient yourself.

The crew list shows a national flag next to each astronaut, and reveals details about them. Tap Send a Tweet, and the app lets you pick from "Welcome from [current location city]," "Greetings from Earth," or voice-dictation or icons.

For the astronomically minded, the Watch components of Sky Guide will help remind them to look up at the stars, not down at the Watch, as marvelous events unfold overhead.


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