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Siri inventors share vision that sounds like Microsoft's from years ago

Nancy Gohring | Aug. 14, 2014
While the latest efforts to develop a truly useful digital assistant are exciting, it's good to remember that people have been working on this for many years.

Viv will need its technology to be similarly widely used in order for it to become as powerful as its creators hope. Plus, its technology will have to be as good as its creators say it is.

Microsoft's vision sounded pretty good but hasn't come to fruition yet, although Cortana -- the virtual assistant that rolled out in Windows Phone 8.1 -- is getting close. Cortana scans information sources like local email to help figure out your preferences and interests, then uses this information in its responses.

People have been dreaming of this ideal digital assistant since science fiction writers first imagined it. Clearly it's a hard problem to solve. But advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence might make it possible eventually.


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