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Singapore to breed enterprise social collaboration in the next 12 months: Avanade

Caroline Ng | June 7, 2013
Singapore companies are finally taking the reins of social collaboration, switching from consumer services to enterprise class technologies, according to a global survey by Avanade.

According to Accenture Technology Vision 2013 report, enterprises have to shift from standalone consumer-based social networks and integrate social collaboration into their business processes to improve productivity.

Social sceptics camp
Despite the overwhelming response from businesses to include enterprise social collaboration in the pipeline, there is a minority camp of social sceptics.

The survey has found that 13 percent of businesses have yet to adopt social collaboration tools.

The three main obstacles cited were the negative perception of social media as a distraction in the workplace, the inability to quantify productivity gains and the lack of training for employees to utilise such tools.

In addition, regulated industries tend to be more cautious in the use of such technology due to concerns of data leakage and the lack of senior management directives.

"In the end, it is about having the right policies, establishing the right security and data protection policy, user education and management. I think these soft factors are very important in supporting the use," said Wo.


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