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Singapore to breed enterprise social collaboration in the next 12 months: Avanade

Caroline Ng | June 7, 2013
Singapore companies are finally taking the reins of social collaboration, switching from consumer services to enterprise class technologies, according to a global survey by Avanade.

Kevin Wo, vice president of Avanade Singapore

While Singapore businesses (87 percent) have exceeded the global average (77 percent) in using social networking, many are using consumer services with little benefit to the company, according to a survey released by Avanade yesterday.

The survey is based on 4000 end-users and 1000 business and IT decision makers in 22 countries.

The false sense of accomplishment sweeping Singapore businesses is set to change in the next 12 months as the survey has found that 96 percent of businesses intend to adopt enterprise social collaboration.

Kevin Wo, vice president of Avanade Singapore, said Singapore businesses will need to invest in the untapped opportunities of enterprise social collaboration to reap its benefits.

"Consumer-driven social collaboration technologies lack meaningful enterprise collaboration capabilities such as security and data privacy, online document storage, sharing and editing, and integration with enterprise communications systems," he said.

Consumer-enterprise disconnect
Although social networking has breathed new life into collaboration, there is still a distinction between the capabilities in consumer social networks and what is needed in enterprise social collaboration.

Consumer driven social technologies often fall short of key capabilities, including document management and data security, a business need to effectively collaborate.

Among all the social collaboration tools used by Singapore businesses, the survey has found that Facebook, a consumer service, has occupied the lion's share, at 85 percent.

With this, Facebook is used at twice the rate of Microsoft SharePoint (46 percent), three times more than IBM Open Connections (27 percent), and four times more than Salesforce Chatter (19 percent), all enterprise tools.

This represents a compelling opportunity for businesses to leverage on workers' social networking proclivity and transfer it to the under-utilised enterprise social collaboration scene.

In Singapore, the high adoption of technology, particularly in the mobile space, will ease the transition from consumer to enterprise-based social collaboration, said Wo.

"A lot of the collaboration tools that are used in the enterprise are used by consumers who have been using this technology like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. A lot of them are using it outside work and they are bringing these technologies into the organisation," he said.

Globally, the majority of IT decision-makers (87 percent), business leaders (67 percent) and end-users (68 percent) report using enterprise social networking technologies, but most lack enterprise collaboration capabilities.

Fortunately, decision-makers have acknowledged the benefits of adopting enterprise social collaboration and expressed the desire to move away from consumer-based technologies.

Enterprise perks
Enterprise social collaboration allows the seamless information flow between colleagues within a secured networked environment.

IT decision makers in Singapore have also reported that social technologies make their jobs more enjoyable (88 percent), more productive (65 percent) and more efficient (69 percent).


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