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Singapore leads global smartphone adoption: Google

Nurdianah Md Nur | Nov. 3, 2014
The study also revealed that consumers in Asia prefer to access the Internet via their mobile phones to computers.

Singaporeans are dependent on their smartphones and Google has the data to prove it.

According to the Internet giant's recent study, Singapore is the number one smartphone adopter in the world at 85 percent, with South Korea coming in second at 80 percent.

Smartphone adoption
Smartphone adoption. Click to enlarge. Credit: Google

The top three everyday activities that Singaporean respondents used the smartphone for include taking photos (66 percent), setting alarms (61 percent) and playing games (49 percent).

Activities on a smartphone
Activities done on a smartphone. Click to enlarge. Credit: Google.

The study also revealed that Singaporeans are getting comfortable shopping via their smartphones, with 35 percent of them claiming to have used their smartphones to make their last purchase. Respondents were found to use their smartphones to compare products and prices (17 percent), or sought opinions, reviews and advice (13 percent) prior a purchase too.

Purchase journey
Use of smartphone in purchase journey. Click to enlarge. Credit: Google. 

Product research on smartphone
Product research on smartphone.Click to enlarge. Credit: Google.

Mobile-first Asia
Being mobile-first isn't just a trend in Singapore. In most countries across Asia, smartphone adoption has overtaken computer adoption, reported Simon Kahn, chief marketing officer of Google Asia Pacific in an official blog post.

Smartphone adoption


To further support this finding, Malaysia had the highest percentage (35 percent) of consumers accessing the Internet solely via their smartphones. Asian countries such as Singapore(16 percent) , Hong Kong (14 percent) and South Korea (14 percent) had more users going online though their mobile phones as compared to the United States (11 percent) too.

internet via smartphone only

"In Asia, consumers are living in a mobile-first world that needs new products and services built with mobile in mind, not as an afterthought or nice-to-have," said Kahn. "There's a great chance here for Asian businesses to lead the world in mobile-first innovation by reacting fast to the revolution that's happened on the streets right outside their office doors."

Conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres on behalf of Google, this Consumer Barometer study sought to uncover insights to the web consumption of consumers across 46 countries worldwide.


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