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Simple Matters Ditto review: This minimalist wearable is too simple for its own good

Jared Newman | Aug. 17, 2015
Ditto has the dubious distinction of being the first tech product that I've ever lost as an adult.

All of these caveats leave Ditto with a narrow set of use cases. It could be a godsend for people who constantly forget their phones, or leave them in a place where screening for important calls is a hassle. But then you've got to keep track of yet another device, which creates its own headaches.

I also experienced some reliability issues, as Ditto occasionally failed to buzz for supported notifications, and would often break its connection if I tried to pair an Apple Watch at the same time.

Little room for minimalism in the smartwatch age

In fairness, Ditto originated as a Kickstarter project, and these things tend to come out the gate in rough shape. It's possible that with better software, Ditto could find more ways to be useful.

But Ditto is also in a race against the clock to get there. With the launch of the Apple Watch, smartwatches are having their mainstream moment. They are simultaneously getting less ugly and more functional, and once you're used to glancing at your wrist to gauge a notification's importance, it's hard to go back.

Sure, Ditto is cheaper and simpler, but it's not necessarily better, and whatever advantages it affords are going to diminish over time. And if you try to use it in tandem with a smartwatch--as I did in my last few days with it--you may at some point look around and realize it's not even there at all.


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