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Shut up about Android fragmentation already

Armando Rodriguez | Aug. 20, 2013
Android's biggest problem is completely blown out of proportion.

And more of this guy

Ever since Andy Rubin left earlier this year, Sundar Pichai has been running the Android show. He's also the guy in charge of the Chrome team, which makes superexpensive laptops that don't do anything but browse the Internet.

Besides, Google doesn't care which version of Android you have

Google has been slowly breaking apart Android so that everyone runs the same GMail, Maps, Play Store, and Chrome apps even if they don't run the same version of Android.

It's still collecting your data and using it to slowly take over the world

It should be no secret that Google collects your data every time you use one of its services.

It won't be long now before Android runs on everything and Google has its fingers in every aspect of your life

This is, after all, the same company that is developing self-driving cars and wants to use balloons to bring Wi-Fi to everyone.


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