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Self-driving Olli shuttle with IBM Watson debuts in Washington area

Matt Hamblen | June 20, 2016
Two vehicles are planned for later this year in Miami-Dade County.

Local Motors didn't divulge the cost of building the first Olli or what it will cost in production. The company has built a second Olli, which will be taken to Berlin for a demonstration, according to another company spokesman, Adam Kress.

Driverless shuttles and taxis are being developed in other parts of the world, including in Singapore, where a startup named NuTonomy recently gave reporters the chance to ride in one of its driverless electric cars. A tourist spot called Gardens by the Bay in that city is also using a driverless shuttle called the Auto Rider to transport visitors over its grounds. That project was partially funded by the Singapore government.

Back in the U.S., Local Motors has already earned a reputation for creating the world's first 3D-printed cars, including the Strati, and also incorporated 3D printing for Olli. About 25% of Olli is made of 3D-printed materials, while another 25% is made of parts from 3D-printed molds, Keidel said.

IBM has recently doubled-down on its Internet of Things capabilities. In addition to Olli, IBM promoted via Twitter an upcoming conference to "explore the future of connected buildings."

IBM is also collaborating with Cisco to use Watson technology inside Cisco routers to interpret data from sensors at the edge of networks. That approach will prevent too much unneeded IoT data from being stored in the cloud, to increase efficiency.


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