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Self-driving cars? Get ready for self-driving data

Lance Smith | June 16, 2015
Once the dreams of science-fiction, self-driving cars will soon allow passengers to specify a destination and let the car pick the best route based on factors such as time, traffic, freeways and fuel consumption. This kind of automation for an enterprise's most precious commodity -- data -- is also soon coming to a data center near you.

For example, instead of dedicating an entire storage device to a mission-critical application, IT can specify which data in the application requires high performance and availability. Then, software can automatically place the data on the right storage device to meet latency, performance, and availability requirements. At the same time, data the application is no longer accessing can be automatically archived to the cloud.

Once automated, intelligent data mobility removes the complexity of storage management, freeing IT to focus efforts on delivering applications and services that meet the business needs of end users. This allows enterprises to directly align their technology investments with the services they are providing, helping them stay ahead of the competition by getting to market faster, at less cost, while producing satisfied customers. Once we enter the era of self-driving data, we will all wonder how we ever lived without it.


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