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SDN will benefit Asian telcos: interview

Nurdianah Md Nur | May 27, 2013
Aaron Sipper, solutions director at Metaswitch Networks, says SDN will help telcos deliver positive ROI.

What are the security challenges posed by SDN? How does Metaswitch Networks help its customers to address them?
Metaswitch is a recognised leader in session border controllers: Network elements that secure next generation communications infrastructures from malicious attacks, such as malformed packet and brute-force DDOS. Our software-based solutions are uniquely architected to operate on commercial off-the-shelf general purpose computing platforms, or x86-based 'bare metal' servers.

We are also the only vendor to have submitted a comprehensive analysis of our SBC running in differing virtual machine hypervisor implementations to the ETSI NFV ISG. Moreover, we believe we are the first vendor to have successfully run our SBC in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment.

Is SDN suitable for all organisations? What considerations should a company take before implementing SDN?
Larger wireline and wireless telcos will be early adopters of Carrier SDN and NFV, while smaller carriers will not likely realise the benefits as quickly. Those carriers currently upgrading their networks, with IMS cores for example, or implementing new services such as VoLTE, will realise immediate cost savings and operational efficiencies by implementing NFV.

Carriers who serve CDN providers, have variable (mobile) backhaul demands or who service enterprise data centre customers will benefit from early adoption of Carrier SDN.

For those companies that are still hesitant about investing in SDN as it is still in its infancy and thus may not guarantee a good ROI, what advice do you have?
There is absolutely no doubt that NFV and Carrier SDN will deliver an extremely positive ROI. For proof of that we need look no further than Project Clearwater, the cloud-based implementation of IMS core functions Metaswitch recently released to the open source community.

Deploying these elements within a public cloud environment (AWS), Metaswitch calculated that a VoIP service, such as VoLTE, could be delivered for as little as US 2 cents) per subscriber, per year. A simple spreadsheet available on the Project Clearwater website enables carriers to run the numbers for themselves:

Aaron Sipper will join a panel of industry experts to discuss the implications of moving telecoms functions to SDN at the CommunicAsia2013 Summit from 18-21 June 2013 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.  


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