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SAP's CIO hits CES to understand consumerization of IT

Matt Hamblen | Jan. 10, 2013
Oliver Bussmann, CIO at SAP, boasts he has 6,000 followers on Twitter. He also makes a point of attending trade shows like the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to grab ideas on new innovations.

Various Google applications can be developed that use GPS when combined with a person's calendar on a smartphone to notify the user that he will be late when driving to a meeting because of traffic ahead. That information could be used to automatically generate an email telling those attending the meeting that he will be late.

"The functionality of mobile devices is going up and the desire by the user to move from a specialized device to a multifunction device will continue," he said. "We'll see faster processors, flexible displays and more. In three to five years voice and gesture input will matter more as we move away from the keyboard and mouse."

Inside SAP, there's a strong desire to have one device, something like a hybrid or convertible tablet that can be used by travelers as both a tablet and a laptop, Bussmann said.

Many workers inside of SAP desire the latest device, such as the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S III, but there are still 16,000 BlackBerry users of 50,000 mobile users in all.

Bussmann said nearly all want a smartphone with a physical keyboard, and will probably stay faithful to BlackBerry should the coming BlackBerry 10 smartphone rollout in late January prove successful.

"If they do a good job with all the features I saw in the BlackBerry 10 [pre-release version] in December, they have a chance," he said. "There's still a community willing to take the next step."


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