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SAP addresses health challenges in India

Anuradha Shukla | Aug. 12, 2013
Launches three new solutions to improve operational efficiency, child health and safety for citizens.

SAP is addressing health challenges in India by launching three new solutions to improve operational efficiency, child health and safety for citizens.

Powered by SAP HANA, the three solutions have been designed to help government organisations and departments boost their service delivery and responsiveness.

These new applications, Rakshak, TracOHealth and The Milk Co-operative Experience, will also help government organisations to be better prepared, and prevent safety and security outcomes in real-time.

Customers can leverage these solutions to automate many operational areas so that it is easy to turn data into actionable information and delivery of services becomes more efficient than previously.  

“Powered by SAP HANA, our new solutions will empower our customers to deliver new and innovative services to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in real-time without disrupting their business operations,” said Suprakash Chaudhuri, managing director, SAP India & Subcontinent.

Bridging the rural – urban divide

Aiming to create a real time platform for bridging the rural – urban divide, the new solutions are expected to help the government organisations in India to make a significant improvement in the lives of people.

The first solution called TracOHealth is designed to maintain all the health related information for a lifetime of every child across India. It provides real time analytics enabling health authorities to optimise resource utilisation. 

The Milk Co-operative Experience solution provides dairy cooperatives with real-time visibility about the procurement so that they can plan production and distribution of milk. 

The third solution called SAP Rakshak 2.0 offers real time information for crime incidents to all the law enforcement agencies across the nation. 

“The new solutions focus on helping government organisations address the issues associated with the drive for smarter economies, the need for sustainable growth and the power to positively impact the lives of people,” said Mathew Thomas, vice president- Strategic Industries, SAP India.


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