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Samsung-RIM deal could kill Apple (or Samsung)

Rob Enderle | Aug. 13, 2012
Samsung is again rumored to be interested in buying RIM. If it does, columnist Rob Enderle says, it can choose two acquisition models -- a full-blown merger or one that preserves RIM.

Dell and EMC have shown that, if focus remains on the assets, both companies' value will rise-and the kind of catastrophic results showcased by Palm's destruction and the recent $8 billion HP write-down of EDS can be avoided.

Samsung Acquiring RIM Would Make History

Its unlikely that Samsung would acquire RIM because of the amount of risk involved for Samsung. If it weren't for the fact that Samsung could lose the Apple litigation, I doubt the deal would happen. However, the Apple litigation appears to be forcing Samsung to look at ever more creative options, and buying RIM would likely top its list, given that settling with Apple-short of exiting the smartphones and tablet markets-is unlikely otherwise.

If it does buy RIM, Samsung is likely to destroy RIM unless it follows EMC and Dell's examples and protects what it buys. Given that the cost of failure would be catastrophic to Samsung and RIM, the company's leaders need to make the right choice. History, and Samsung's lack of experience with large mergers, tells me it won't. Either way, Samsung will make history.



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