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Samsung Galaxy S III: 10 must-know tips and tricks

Al Sacco | July 25, 2012
Samsung's latest and greatest Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, was released less than two months ago--and just weeks ago in the United States--but it's already flying off the shelves of wireless carrier stores.

You can also create folders on each home-screen panel to organize applications and customize your device. To create a new Galaxy S III folder, tap the Menu key again and choose the Create Folder option. An empty, unnamed folder will appear on your home-screen panel. Tap the folder to rename it and drag and drop applications into it to fill the folder.

2) Quickly Launch Galaxy S III Search Function

You can quickly access a built-in search function that not only searches the Web, via Google, but also your device. Simply tap and hold the Galaxy S III's Menu key until a search bar appears, then type in whatever you seek.

3) Customize Your Galaxy S III App Drawer

The Galaxy S III's App Drawer is where all of your mobile apps are stored. You can access the App Drawer at any time by clicking the Apps icon in your fixed-apps tray at the bottom of the device's display. And you can customize your App Drawer by tapping the Menu key when the Drawer is open.

You can set the App Drawer to organize applications in alphabetical-list or alphabetical-grid form. Or you can customize the Drawer yourself and rearrange apps any way you want. To organize or customize your App Drawer, open it up and then tap the Menu button. Next, choose the View Type option and select the setting you want.

You can also hide apps, view all downloaded apps, quickly uninstall multiple apps at one time and share applications by choosing the appropriate options from the App Drawer's Menu.

4) Galaxy S III Power-Saving Mode, Battery Percentage Indicator

The Galaxy S III is a solid smartphone with a ton of unique features and strengths. Unfortunately, battery life is not one of those strengths. So it's important to maximize and effectively manage your GSIII battery life. Two quick

and easy ways to do this are to use the device's built-in power-saving mode and activate the home-screen battery-percentage indicator option, which gives you more insight into your device's battery life.

You can enable power-saving mode by opening up the GSIII Settings, scrolling down to the Device options and turning the Power Saving setting on. You can also set the GSIII to show an actual battery-level percentage on your home screen instead of just an icon, so you can keep closer tabs on battery life. Just open up your Settings, choose the Display option and then check the Display Battery Percentage box.

5) How to Take Screen Shots on the Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S III has ways to capture screen shots. You can simply slide your hand across the device's display at any time to grab a screen shot, which is then saved to your image gallery. Or simultaneously tap and hold the Galaxy S III's Home and Power buttons until the screen flashes and captures a screen shot. (The GSIII power button is on its right side.)


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