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Samsung fortifies enterprise security on its Android phones

John P. Mello | Sept. 6, 2013
Maker of popular Galaxy smartphones teams up with Lookout Mobile Security to bolster its own Knox technology

Incorporating more security into its mobile platform is a savvy move by Samsung, but it misses the bigger problem facing the mobile world, maintained Tom Kellermann, vice president of Cyber Security for Trend Micro.

"It won't stem the wave of mobile attacks that are growing in their virulence and sophistication," he said in an interview. "It's a strategically astute move, but this isn't a panacea by any means."

"If I can attack the browser on the device, if I can attack an app on the device, I can constantly circumvent any kind of MDM capability that you can fit on a device," he maintained.

However, there are others who believe Android security risks to be exaggerated. "The chances of the average consumer going about their business and getting infected with malware are pretty low," Ciaran Bradley, vice president for handset security products at AdaptiveMobile, said in an interview.

"I've seen this cycle before," he explained. "In 2004, 2005, all the big anti-virus companies all produced software for Symbian smartphones. It very quickly petered out because people soon realized that the risk wasn't that great so they really didn't need anti-virus software on their phones."

"I think there's a case of that again with Android," he added.

"Yes, there's malware out there," he said, "but the chances of you getting it are low if you stick to Google Play and you're not trying to download pirated apps or looking for cheap apps from untrusted sources."


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