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SafeWallet makes password storage pretty easy

Liane Cassavoy | May 16, 2013
I love password managers. When they work well, they make browsing the Web easier, faster, and more secure. And SafeWallet does, indeed, work well. It's not perfect, but SafeWallet has become my new favorite password manager.

Similarly, when you browse to the Google site, LastPass fills in the username and password fields with the login you most recently used; you have to go back to your vault in order to find the other one. SafeWallet, though, lets you select the login to use right on the Webpage itself, with a handy drop-down option that lets you make the switch. It's incredibly handy.

So, too, is the fact that SafeWallet is now free. In a change from earlier versions, the company has decided to offer it free of charge. That includes the mobile versions, which run on iOS and Android devices. LastPass offers mobile versions, too, but only as part of its $1-per-month Premium service.

I wish SafeWallet worked more seamlessly with multi-page logins, but the rest of its features are enough to make me overlook that issue. From now on, I'm storing my logins in my SafeWallet.

Note: The Download button takes you to the vendor's site, where you can download the latest version of the software.


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