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Robots can read your mind to fix their mistakes

Sharon Gaudin | March 8, 2017
MIT, Boston University researchers work on a new way for humans and robots to collaborate

Such an ability could one day be transferred to robots working in the home or in the enterprise.

"With a system that a worker could wear, we can use the information from the user's brain without them having to do anything," Guenther said. "It's an effortless process for the user, and they're simply watching for something to go awry."

Guenther acknowledged that robots being able to read humans' brains might make some people nervous, but he said that's not an issue at this point.

"This system requires a very sophisticated and expensive set of equipment to read these signals," Guenther explained. "We're nowhere near a system that can read the mind of someone who is not a willing participant. The technology isn't about reading random people's minds, but just for people who are wearing equipment that will let that happen."

He added that the researchers are working to strengthen their algorithms and make the system more efficient.


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