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Rise of 'shadow IT,' not BYOD, should be a concern for organisations: IBRS

Patrick Budmar | Feb. 28, 2013
Security analyst shares his view on MDM and how it fits in with BYOD

"The person in the field pulls out their iPhone, takes a photo and sends it as an MMS to the other person's phone," Turner said.

"That was sensitive information, and it was suddenly there on an outside communications channel that the IT department in the organisation has no record of whatsoever, as well as no ability to control it."

Turner admits an incident such as this is nothing new, as he has spoken about this for years and it has "been around for as long as IT departments have," notably with people plugging in their own wireless routers.

"It is the concept of the shadow IT department," he said.

"That is what BYOOD is about, users out there in the field finding other ways to use technology, which has been consumerised, work for them."

As such, the best thing an IT department can do is go out and start interviewing the line manager on the field, asking how they use the information and the devices.

"Everyone out there is using Gmail and Dropbox, so how can we provide you with the same capabilities and play catchup, and provide some method of control, which the organisation needs to keep track of what happens with their data," Turner said.


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