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Review: Lenovo ThinkPad Twist turns and teases

Serdar Yegulalp | June 7, 2013
Lenovo's cleverly designed Windows 8 laptop-tablet hybrid takes too many turns for the worse.

But wait, there's more! Also installed are a slew of Modern UI (aka Metro) system management apps from Lenovo such as Lenovo Support, which appears to eclipse some of the same functionality as the Solution Center; Lenovo Settings, for sharing your Internet connection, configuring your camera and audio, and setting location-aware behaviors; and the Lenovo Companion, which contains a Getting Started guide (why isn't that available directly from the Start menu?) and various partner offers. I guess the idea is that you pick the set of apps — classic UI or Modern UI — you'll be most comfortable with, but the results are messy. What's more, there are third-party apps on top of all that — a trial subscription of Norton Internet Security, the Intel AppUp store, and others to boot.

Finally, I ran into some problems with the software that controls display orientation and the automatic disabling of the touchpad when the unit is in notebook mode. Sometimes when reorienting the unit for touch use, the cursor would skitter across the screen and accidentally click on things. At other times the display would rotate at random, even when nothing had been touched. I also ran into problems with the function-lock key, which toggles the Function keys between their conventional F1 through F12 behaviors and special-key behaviors (volume, brightness, Windows 8 functions). The function-lock key setting doesn't persist across suspend and resume. I suspect all of this is fixable with a software update, though. I just hope Lenovo is able to offer it sooner rather than later.


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