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Review: eTauro's Surface Pro 3 dock is cheap, fast, fat but flexible

Mark Hachman | Feb. 13, 2015
Why should you buy eTauro's knockoff Surface Pro 3 docking station? Two reasons: price and physical flexibility. If you don't mind connecting via Wi-Fi, that is.

There's another wrinkle of note: eTauro's solution inexplicably lacks the12V/5A 2.1mm charger it requires, so you'll have to purchase your own for $15 on Amazon or elsewhere. Our review unit did come with a car charger, though, so there's that.

Microsoft's dock is clearly more appealing, aesthetically. But eTauro's solution works as a somewhat inexpensive upgrade to the Surface Pro 3. The eTauro actually transfers data faster than Microsoft's dock: Transferring a random 8.6GB folder of MP3 files, for example, was about 20 percent faster. (eTauro's dock transferred three large files totaling 2.5GB at about the same speed as Microsoft's dock.)

The SP3's kickstand seems to handle the eTauro's 3-ounce weight without batting an eye. And there's no question that the physical flexibility to adjust the viewing angle as you see fit is a key selling point. I did notice some occasional issues when connecting to an external monitor, however, and eTauro's dock can get a bit touchy if you're maneuvering your tablet back and forth.

Nevertheless, as long as you're aware of the eTauro's limitations, I have no problem recommending it as an somewhat ungainly but practical upgrade to the Surface Pro 3.


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