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Regain your privacy with these 3 browser add-ons

Ian Paul | May 12, 2014
With so many advertisers, social networks, and other companies interested in your data, it's pretty hard to stay private online these days. But don't reach for that tinfoil hat just yet! There are a few tools that can help privacy-conscious users shake privacy-smashing trackers off their tails.

But Click&Clean is not a set it and forget it type of extension. Mixiesoft, the company behind Click&Clean, recommends reading its quick start guide before use. You may also have to do a little configuration in the settings so that the extension erases everything you want.

Nevertheless, once you're up and running, Click&Clean is very easy to use.

These three tools are just the tip of the privacy add-on iceberg, but they're a good foundation for closing the prying eyes of invasive trackers. If you want even more control over your online experience, be sure to check out PCWorld's guide to 16 powerful browser extensions that bend the web to your will.


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