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Real-world confessions from Surface RT owners: Who loves it and why

Mark Hachman | Aug. 5, 2013
The much-maligned slate actually has its fanboys. We talk to living, breathing people who use Microsoft's low-end tablet PC.

It's still unknown whether Microsoft will manufacture a next-generation Surface RT, which would indirectly indicate the fate of the Windows RT operating system in general. Intel is set to release its next-generation "Bay Trail" Atom processor this fall, a chip that can run both Windows 8 and Android natively. If Microsoft did refresh its basic Surface model with Bay Trail, Windows RT wouldn't really be needed, unless Microsoft wanted to sell its stock of current parts at a steep discount—not a far-fetched scenario, given the apparently anemic sales to date.

Generally, if a customer liked the Surface RT, he or she seemed to think that the Surface RT, and Windows RT, had a future. That's helped quite a bit by Windows 8.1, they said.

"Yes, there is a future for RT," Roach said. "I do believe we will see Windows Phone and RT merging into a single ARM [offering]. The hidden value you're looking for is the fact that in roughly the same form factor of an Android or iPad, I get a fully functional tablet that also is fully compatible to use with Office. The pundits are always singling out the app situation but honestly with Office and IE I can do 100 percent of what the other two eco-systems use apps to accomplish."


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