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Razer Firefly review: What cardboard can teach us about a US$60 mousepad's pure luxury

Hayden Dingman | Aug. 13, 2015
The Razer Firefly has me thinking about the role of the mousepad in modern computing. Why do we use mousepads?

Advantage--Razer (The Company): You know what? If Razer can convince you to spend sixty dollars on a mousepad, more power to them. Personally I think it's silly.

Bottom line

Does the Firefly look cool? Sure. Does it function as a mousepad? Yes. Does it light up? Without a doubt. Razer is not misrepresenting the product it has made. But I cannot fathom a world in which I'd choose to spend sixty dollars on this. The Firefly is better than a piece of cardboard, but it's not sixty dollars better. There are plenty of other PC upgrades I could make for that money--or plenty of games I could add to my Steam library, for that matter.

And sure, maybe you don't want to look like a weirdo with a piece of cardboard taped to your desk. Fair enough. There are cheaper mousepads, though--some of which look just as nice (in my opinion) as what Razer's got here. Or you can use a site that lets you create your own custom mousepad! The possibilities are literally endless.

Four stars for execution Razer, but I still think this is an occasion where we need to heed the words of the immortal Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, that they didn't stop to think if they should."

Primary image chop-job courtesy of me, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and five minutes in Pixlr.


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